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Special Care Dentistry

We treat patients of ALL ABILITIES!

What does this mean?

Medically complex patients: we work closely with your medical team to provide the safest, best
care for you. What do we mean by “medically complex?

• Persons who have experienced a heart event, a stroke, head injury, those needing
blood thinners, persons with autoimmune conditions, persons with a history of or current
status of cancer treatments

•We also work closely with parents and caregivers to develop a plan that is customized, even
down to the time of day we schedule appointments

Patients with Special Needs: all abilities! Non-verbal? Taste or texture sensitive? We are
creative, and our mission is to develop specific patient comfort goals, resulting in positive
dental visits and a lifetime of oral health!

This may include showing pictures of the team and the office before a visit—a virtual “tour” is
often helpful. No surprises!

Plans may also include multiple, short visits to develop comfort in the dental clinic, and develop
expectations for safe preventive and restorative treatment.